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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Little Theatre On The Bay's production of "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do," will be holding auditions Monday May 29th, and Tuesday May 30th at 7:00 PM at The Liberty Theatre (LTOB) located at 2100 Sherman Avenue, North Bend OR.

We urge everyone to dress comfortably but come prepared with a Neil Sadaka tune as part of the auditioning process. The Director is looking to fill 3 principal males and 3 principal females roles, as well as an additional mix of both for an ensemble. I may be double casting as this is a small cast and would like to give more opportunities to our local actors in our community so if you are unable to make all the performances, ex: cannot perform on Fridays or Sundays or the second weekend, we can work on your availability for the show. So don’t let a current obligation stop you from auditioning. Again, experience is not necessary. Great way to break into theater and be a part of something fun and rewarding, either on stage or behind the scenes! Come paint a set, or help with props and costumes! It helps if you bring an Audition Form already filled out to your audition

For more information about the auditions, call Leatha Gonzalez-Vos at 541-217-7405. 
Set at a Catskills resort in 1960, this is the sweet story of Marge & Lois , two friends from Brooklyn NY who arrive at Esther’s Paradise Resort in the Catskills over Labor Day Weekend, a vacation that was intended to be Marge’s honeymoon — until the groom left her at the altar  over one wild Labor Day weekend. Showcasing 18 Neil Sedaka classics, including “Where the Boys Are”, “Sweet Sixteen”, “Calendar Girl”, “Love Will Keep Us Together”, and more, this play will be sure to please.

 Song choices for the audition can include:

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (B-reel)
Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Lonely Night
Where the Boys Are
Happy Birthday Sweet 16
The Diary
Stupid Cupid
Betty Grable
Oh, Carol
Calendar Girl
Next Door to an Angel
Breaking Up is Hard to Do (reprise)
Laughter in the Rain
My Friend
Stairway to Heaven/Little Angel
Love Will Keep Us Toget

Characters include:
MARGE GELMAN (mid to late 20’s); mezzo soprano, Abandoned at the altar,  (Think Jennifer Grey in DIRTY DANCING) 
LOIS WARNER (mid to late 30’s); alto/mezzo soprano ,  An aspiring nightclub singer,  (Think Marilyn Monroe simplicity), 
DEL DELMONACO (mid 30’s to early 40s); tenor,  A not too bright Elvis wannabe (Think Joey from FRIENDS).
GABE (mid to late 20’s) tenor,  A clumsy, yet secret songwriting genius, terribly shy Guy Friday at the hotel, (Think 1950s style Buddy Holly)
ESTHER (50’s to 60’s;) alto,  owner of the mid-size hotel named after her "Esther’s Paradise"
(Think Ethel Mertz from I Love Lucy.)
HARVEY (50’s to 60’)  baritone, The resident comedian/social director at Esther’s Paradise, (Think Fred Mertz from I Love Lucy)
THE BAND (Piano, Bass, Guitar, Drums): The band is visible onstage as the “House Band” at Ester’s Paradise Resort, 
The Ensemble   sings backup as needed.& dance